the brilliantly simple. started out as a one-man experiment of loop pedals and sample pads. Through obvious restrictions and the longing for that full-band essence, a four-friend collective formed what it is today – an abrasive indie rock outfit from in and around the Surrey Hills. Without claiming to be innovative, we endeavour to deliver a pleasing concoction of big sounds with occasional climax, tranquil breakdowns and meaningful lyrics. We wholly hope you enjoy it.x

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Has it been that long?

My word. It has almost been a year since I wrote anything for this page. Sorry about that.

What's happened then? Well, we played some shows, including a fun slot at Redfest, Fighting Cocks, Dorking, with The Xcerts in Kingston and a few others I think. We also recorded a new(ish) track called Find a Way, which we're hoping to do a video for at some point soon. The other night we went and played some acoustic songs on Susy FM behind a video repair shop in Redhill, which was wonderful.

After a few recent practices, we're all really enjoying playing our music again and are booking a few shows here and there. We've got a couple coming up in London in March, so keep an eye out for those. Our friend Alf from WEGROWBEARDS, Break Ups, Porches and lord knows what else, is being a legend and booking us shows and giving us that much needed rocket up the arse to move things along. Thanks, Alf.

Also, I've just listed all our CD's on the bandcamp page as Pay What You Want, so feel free to order a CD or two.

That's all for now.

Speak to you next year.

Tristan x

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